416 Photo Series: Novice photojournalist Ankur Bhojane’s Graffiti Alley

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Novice photojournalist Ankur Bhojane captures the raw, nonconformist and unofficial Graffiti Alley.  Toronto’s Grafitti Alley extends through a city block via an intrinsic lane way.   There seems to be no plan for the artwork. However, its pictorial randomness seems to organize itself in a strange order that works.   The colours are vibrant; messages are subtle to in-your-face to silly, ever forcing the pedestrian to scan the laneway walls to either explore or ignore.  One of the greatest experiences, as you meander through this collection of laneways, is meeting others who planned, or simply stumbled upon, the graffiti and passing by open laneway backdoors of shops and restaurants and exchanging a smile, or friendly hello, with the staff.


Dean Maher

Dean Maher is the Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of The 416 Magazine.