Adopt Me! Your BFF is waiting for you at the Toronto Humane Society

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Animals at the Toronto Humane Society are in transition; they are just waiting for their forever home. Whatever their past held, it’s in the past, and they are now all living in the present. This new series will showcase a few of the animals currently at the Toronto Humane Society, some may get adopted before you can see them, but take a look, share their photos and stories. There are so many looking for a great home and a new life.

Meet 1 year old Lily! #THSAdoptableAnimal Lilly is a strong, independent woman with a capital W. She's a boss lady who don't need no man. In fact, as far as size, boldness, and athleticism go, she's right up there with the boys here! She's an Einstein-level problem solver, pro ball player, and a champion chewer of all things that squeak! When she's not owning the field or working on her catching game, she's asking for bum scratches, belly rubs, and a spot on your face to kiss! She's also a little sneak! Just wait, no matter where you try to hide her toys, she'll find them! Lily has a personality. A strong one. She's the type of girl who knows what she likes. She also knows what she doesn't like. She does NOT like sudden introductions and strangers coming in and killing her vibe. She's particular about who she hangs with. They need to be as awesome as she is! In other words, she needs time and space to get to know someone — both people and dogs. If someone she doesn't know suddenly slides into her space, she can react with barking and lunging. Lilly is definitely a country girl. She'd thrive in a home, away from all the chaos and stress of city life. She loves her space and is hoping to find an uncrowded, mature home without other animals or young children. She hopes to find a family with the experience and commitment that will provide her with guidance and stability. While her insecurities around strangers and other dogs may lessen over time, she will likely always remain a very suspicious girl. Once Lily learns to trust you, her fun-loving, happy-go-lucky, and super playful (and mischievous) personality comes out in full force! She loves shaking hands (one or two, she can do both!) and rolling around until her head ends up on your lap. She's a strong-willed pup who loves affection and attention. She just needs a little more time getting to know you. She'd be the ultimate cuddle companion, trail sidekick, and ball player. You'll definitely want her on your team! Lily is waiting for a capable companion to step up and lead the way. If you're interested in giving her a home, please reach out to us at

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Meet the adorable duo, Blizzard and Ash! #THSAdoptableAnimal Yeah, we couldn't get over her eyes either. I mean LOOK at those things! Blizzard's like one of those rare crystalline gemstones or four-leaf clovers, or something else that's rare. But enough about her looks! She is sick of people talking about her looks! There's more to this girl than her magical eyes and perfect coat! Blizzard is an accomplished snuggler and cuddler, nap-time devotee and a strong proponent of the second dinner. She's also an awesome best friend. Just ask her best friend Ash! She and Ash love hanging out. Unfortunately, Blizzard tends to throw up her food (or a hairball) every three weeks or so. Having her best friend by her side to tell her it's okay helps her deal with this. She doesn't know what she would do without Ash! Like her best friend and companion Blizzard, Ash is a gentle sweetheart who loves naps, cuddles, and playtime! You'll often find him cuddling with Blizzard, grooming with Blizzard, and chasing Blizzard! These two besties also love people watching. They could people watch the day away and then find a quiet spot to cuddle and talk about how funny looking humans are! Unfortunately, Ash has been dealing with some pee issues over the last couple of years. Once every two or three months, she might pee outside of her litter box! She often does this when she's stressed or upset about something. What helps is having a second litter box that's kept nice and clean and, of course, having her best friend Blizzard by her side to tell her it's okay. Having grown up together, Ash has always been there for Blizzard, and Blizzard has always been there for Ash. They're inseparable, and definitely looking to be adopted as a pair. The two of them would be the perfect lap cats and couch companions, and would let you in on their BFF status any day (provided you have the brushes and the treats, of course!). Ash and Blizzard are bonded cats, and can only be adopted as a pair. If you'd like any more information about these two, we'd love for you to contact us at

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Meet handsome 4 year old Caleb! #THSAdoptableAnimal Caleb's got a million dollar smile that makes the ladies swoon. He's a smooth dude, a cool cat, and a total charmer. But there's more to this suave, muscly hunk than meets the eye. He's full of the purest love and affection; he's a tender, considerate soul who's out to make the world a better place. He loves giving out all the smiles, hellos and hugs to as many people as he can. If you let him, he'd run around giving just about everyone – both human and dog – a big slobbery kiss! Just watch, once you take him on a walk, you'll see that nothing makes him happier than bringing a little joy to someone else's day. On top of making new friends, Caleb loves exploring new smells, snacking on treats, and wiggling his big ol' butt around for the ladies to see. He's so enthused about everything, he can sometimes get a little scatterbrained on his walks, zigzagging from scent to scent, person to person, and dog to dog. It could be a little overwhelming for an inexperienced walker. But a simple calling of his name and a little snack is all it takes to get on your way again. Being a huge fan of food, he's more than open to working on his walking skills, provided there's a tasty treat at the end! Oh, and he's a total pro when it comes to sit. He's very proud of that. Caleb has all the charisma and charm of a movie star, and the star personality to match! He's looking for a fun-loving family of fellow superstars who love getting outside to explore and play. If you have any more information about this lovable hunk, please reach out to us at

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Do you remember Empress from our Foster Highlights last week? #Caturday #THSAdoptableAnimal This adorable lady is looking for a foster home or for more permanent accommodations! Empress is a 13-year-old boss lady who loves hunting things attached to strings, being brushed, being fed, and being left to think about how wonderful she is! She's called Empress because she's lived in a few castles and has been served by many humans! She's now hoping to either find a foster palace or a more permanent palace where she'll get all the attention she deserves! Empress is very picky about certain things. But really, try finding a queen who isn't. While she can get used to the deep voices and strange faces of most humans, it's those hands of theirs she simply will not stand for. My word, those HANDS! When those hairless beasts come near her, she'll give em the old one-two with a swat of her paw! She really doesn't like hands. Problem is, she LOVES scratches, brushes, and rubs! She just prefers you keep those hands of yours out of her sight! (We weren't kidding about her empress status). Empress is the sweetest girl once she's been given a little time to get to know you. She loves cuddles, rubs, and scratches (just remember to hide those hands!). She'd be the perfect addition to any calm, quiet household where cuddly evenings by the fire and sleepy Sundays by the window are plenty! She hopes to find a foster or adopter who will give her a room to herself so she can adjust to her new environment. She also hopes that she'd be the only pet in the home and if there are children, they respect her space as much as the adults do! If you're looking to add a little royalty to your life as a foster parent, contact us at; if you're interested in giving Empress a permanent palace, reach out to us at

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Meet 1 year old Scott! #THSAdoptableAnimal Scott is shy boy looking for a calm home where his confidence can grow He isn't quite sure of new faces and places but with a tasty treat and some calm encouragement he is sure to become a confident piggy. Guinea pigs should have large enclosures with lots of space for play and rest. If you have room in your heart and home for this shy little man please email Please note: to keep any guinea pig happy, it's important to give them big cages. When picking out a cage for your future guinea pig, or custom building one yourself, aim for a cage with dimensions 36"L x 24"W x 18"H or larger, especially for multiple guinea pigs. Remember: all guinea pigs need around 4 hours of playtime outside of their cage each day.

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Like the title reads, your BFF is waiting for you at the Toronto Humane Society. If not you, share with someone, who may be open to a new BFF. Who doesn’t love unconditional love?


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