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The Prism Festival, North America’s Largest Pride Summer Circuit Event, goes from June 30th to July 4th and stages events every day starting with Bootcamp and ending with an epic pool party all during Toronto’s Pride Festival week.

The events vary in theme and interest, but they all work to provide a positive and welcoming space for everyone and anyone from the party circuit enthusiasts to the circuit-curious.

The events are as colourful and diverse as the people who attend them. Bulldog Productions owner Matthew McLaughlin sees the six colours in the flag as representing the differences both in the LGBTQ community and in oneself. Each colour is beautiful on its own, but together, they’re magnificent.


McLaughlin wrote and directed the Life’s Better with Colour campaign, releasing a series of six countdown videos based on each colour in the flag, followed by the campaign’s main video.

“This whole project was a creative collaboration,” said McLaughlin, “The entire project was created with local artists who donated their time, talents and skills to bring this vision to life.”

The concept for the main campaign video was to have six people, each representing one of the six colours, come together at a dinner party where they’re served an experience in lieu of a meal. The campaign has been described as a “high-end fantasy” by its head makeup artist, Clarissa Pupo.


Companion animals are a big part of the LGBTQ community, so including them in the campaign just made sense—they’re just a little more over the top, ranging from a cockatoo to a chameleon, a snake and even a lynx! The animals, all from the Hands on Exotics, Animal Shelter and Outreach Program, received the full star treatment during the shoot.


One of the unknown factors with a passion-based project like this one is how different creative types will complement one another when they’re given creative freedom—but Sofonda Cox, who plays dinner host to the six colours, promises the results will be amazing.


To view the behind-the-scenes video click here.


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