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Concord Canada House: CityPlace’s symbolic, patriotic finale

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Concord’s plans for the final condo at CityPlace are sky-high.

The two towers, measuring 68 and 79 stories each, will live on the 50-acre site at the northeast corner of Spadina and Bremner.

Beyond their height, the plans for the towers are amazing. Amenities such as a pool that overlooks Spadina, a spa, a game room, gym, and rooftop lounge will take up 60,000 square feet of space.

The two towers will share a 10-storey podium between each other, with an outdoor space on top of it that will contain a skating rink that will double as a pond in warmer weather, beside a BBQ area, a child’s playground and a dog area. The perimeter of the rink/pond is shaped like the Rideau Canal.

It’s part of the Canadiana theme that inspired the plan and the development’s name, Concord Canada House.

“It’s a rare location conversion of geography and history,” Gabriel Leung, Vice President for Development at Concord, said.

“People think of railways as a bygone era but before planes and the internet, history happened along the railways. It connects us coast to coast. The towers will celebrate that, sitting in the heart of the universe next to the CN Tower, and near the railways and Fort York.”

A Maple Leaf will add to the Canadiana. The symbol will be displayed in the towers, seen from the exterior, adding to the already-stunning Toronto skyline.

In the daytime it will be subtle,” Leung explains. “But at night it will be obvious, lit up by programmed LED strips, the shapes gradually becoming a leaf.”

“It will be an elegant light show.”

There will be three amenity areas — the podium, and then the roofs of the two towers. One tower amenity area will contain the active amenities while the other tower’s rooftop area will be social with lounges, a party room, and a banquet room.

“It will be the tallest indoor amenity areas in Toronto,” Leung says excitedly. “The views will be amazing.

And vehicles will get special treatment too. Not only will there be electric vehicle stalls and a pay-per-use car wash in the garage, there also will be a wheel wash. It will turn on automatically in the garage that will spray the underside of vehicles.

“It’s better for the car and for the garage,” Leung explains. “Salt won’t eat away at the concrete or the cars.”

The retail and restaurant plan for the bottom of the towers is also exciting. Leung couldn’t divulge details, but Concord already received a proposal from a restaurant. The 21,000 square-feet area circling the entire development will be made up of patios. On the southeast corner, there will be a privately-owned public space as well, for everyone to enjoy.

Concord expects a mix of purchasers for the condos, including millennials and investors and families. More and more families are living and staying in CityPlace, so Concord has designed what they call family-friendly units.

Units — a whopping 1,300 of them — will go on sale in mid-June and the prices are being finalized.

10 percent of the units will be three bedrooms. There will be approximately 30% two-bedroom units and no studios.

All balconies will have ceiling heaters, lighting and wood decks, making the outdoor space act as an extension of the living room and useable for at least three Canadian seasons.

Ground will break next year, Concord expects, and the aim is to have the towers up between four and five years.

Diana Pereira

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