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CityPlace condo’s carpet made from discarded fish nets

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One of the first things some CityPlacers do when they wake up is to walk across recycled fishing nets.

That’s right. The new carpets installed in Vela Residences, 9 Spadina Avenue and 10 Navy Wharf Court, are made of discarded fishing nets from Cameroon and the Philippines.


Local residents in both countries collect the nets, which would pose a danger to the local marine life if left where they are. The nets are then used to create carpet tile.

The discovery of the sustainable carpet was a “happy accident,” according to Curtis Priest and Marek Dziedzic, two members of the TSCC 1694 Board of Directors who were involved in the decision-making process.

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“It [the carpet] brings a smile to my face every time I see it,” said Priest.”I know that it’s doing incredible good by helping families and communities on the other side of the world.”

“I love the concept,” said Vela resident Kathy Murphy. Murphy has lived at 9 Spadina since its opening in 2005 and appreciates that it’s made from recycled materials.


The board identified three key needs that were important in making the decision—budget, design, and sustainability.

Priest and Dziedzic reviewed hundreds of samples. The board then ordered samples in different colours, and laid them out in a demo hallway “to get a true perspective of how the carpet would “live.”


The process lasted for several months, but after discovering the carpet, it only took a few weeks more. In those few weeks, they negotiated pricing in order to meet the budgetary requirements.

“The discovery of this carpet was serendipitous,” said Dziedzic, “It provided an economic solution to our needs, a pop of colour, beautiful style and just the right amount of edge to provide uniqueness to the hallways while still being timeless.”

The carpet was brought to the board’s attention by interior design firm Johnson Chou Inc.

To learn more about Vela’s new carpets, watch this!








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