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The days of men dressing to the nines has returned. No longer are men just subjected to wearing a suit in the office when dealing with their clients or pitching proposals in a high rise city view office. At every turn, the blazer, bowtie and the full-on suit have made a comeback. Even if they are sporting a beard their clothes are fitted and incomparable.

But in a world where men are spending as much time on their outfits as women once did, short of buying from the rack (and risking an ill fit), there appears to be an increase in the rise of the tailored suit. Empire Customs in Toronto helps bring affordable quality to a man’s wardrobe that will stand the test of time.

Empire Customs is the brainchild of Dennis Tavares, who once worked within the rat race. Always trying to maintain a professional and pleasant appearance, he struggled to find suits to wear to the office in a world where Holt Renfrew and other such places are really the only way to go. But who, working a mid-level job in Toronto, can really afford to spend thousands on a suit from such designer stores? For many, the option has been the more affordable stores with mass produced cookie cutter suits that don’t have the finer touches like collars, stitching and fit the way a custom or designer suit would. So which is the lesser of two evils: the suit that might not fit right and won’t last or the expensive designer suit that would be a timeless fashion statement? Neither was a viable option for Dennis and so began his journey to helping men in Toronto dress well.

With his yearly bonus, Dennis began purchasing tailored suits from internationally sourced tailors. Not being a measuring tape ninja, what he got wasn’t always ideal until one day he was put in touch with a man and his son in Thailand, beginning his path to founding Empire Customs. Getting a custom suit made with Empire Customs is quite the experience and every tiny detail is paid attention to for under a thousand dollars.

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BML: What would you say is the most common suit style worn by men?

DT: I would say that there are some traditional things that will always be in style, like a regular notch lapel. Tom Ford popularized the wide ones and the trendy extra hip like the super thin ones, but the regular notch lapel is something your grandfather could have worn and still looks good today. It’s timeless, as is a matte-finish.


BML: In terms of fashion trends, what do you love?

DT: What I love to see now is the flower print. It’s in style, big time! I love to see intelligent suiting: when you take a regular boring suit and add a slightly informal accent to it. Accents add character. These are the things I like and I feel they add a sense of fashion to it all.


BML: If you could get rid of one fashion trend right now what would it be?

DT: To be honest with you, cheap looking suits. They are the worst.


BML: How do you feel about pocket squares?

DT: Definitely good. It’s a way of pulling your whole outfit together or adding a bit of colour.


BML: Bow ties?

DT: There will always be a place for bow ties. It did get a little aggressive with hipsters.


BML: What do you think every man should know how to do when dressing himself?

DT: Good question. It’s more about what they should have. Every guy should have one or two nice suits and a nice blazer to wear with jeans. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel, just know how to dress like a modern urban man.


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