Forever young? An interview with Dr Marc DuPéré,Toronto’s renowned plastic surgeon

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“’Plastikos’ comes from the Greek and Latin and refers to the potential to be moulded and shaped,” says local aesthetic plastic surgeon Dr Marc DuPéré, “Plastic surgery repositions, reshapes and creates.”

“a small & healthy dose of preventative Botox will delay the appearance of wrinkles for decades”

Our notions don’t usually drift northward when we think of plastic surgery. Instead, they settle in sunny places like Beverly Hills, Miami and Rio De Janeiro. One might be surprised to learn that Toronto demands aesthetic perfection just like any other metropolis, but few know this better than DuPéré.  416 Mag spoke with the Doctor at his Visage Clinic in Toronto.
“Working with one’s hands has been in my family for generations,” said DuPéré, recalling his lifelong dreams of being a surgeon, “I’ve always felt peaceful and serene in the operating room. It’s like being in a cathedral: pure silence and concentration.”
DuPéré was initially working towards cardiac and vascular surgery but changed tracks after meeting renowned plastic surgeon Dr H. Bruce Williams while studying medicine at McGill University.
With Dr Williams’ mentorship, DuPéré initially started working in reconstructive surgery, but his passion for art and beauty led him to explore and pursue the aesthetic realm, where he relishes what he calls the “life changing power” in his work.
“The power of a mommy makeover—giving a woman her pre-baby body and shape—is very gratifying to me,” said DuPéré, “As is giving an athletic male a better calf definition with calf implants when gym work alone could not give him the desired shape.”
According to DuPéré, Toronto’s demand for plastic surgery’s usual suspects—rhinoplasty, facelifts, liposuction and breast augmentation—is steady. However, DuPéré has noticed increased interest in body shaping procedures. In fact, the “Brazilian butt lift,” a procedure that grafts fat onto the buttocks and hips, is his fastest growing demand. This is clearly illustrated by the reference pictures patients bring in to communicate their desired results.
“It used to be for noses; I would get pictures of Jennifer Anniston all the times,” said DuPéré, “Now it’s all buttock pictures by far—from the Kardashian’s buttocks to anything else patients can find on the internet!”
Another rising trend is medical skin care treatments ranging from facials, to fillers, to laser treatments to Botox—even for patients in their 20s and 30s.
“Patients know now that a small and healthy dose of “preventative” Botox will delay the appearance of wrinkles for decades,” said DuPéré, “Fillers are also done early now; they’re hydrating and help to keep the skin youthful and plump.”
The “Vampire Facelift,” in which platelets are extracted from the patient’s blood and then used as dermal fillers, is also very popular. While these skin care treatments are relatively minor, they’re a special source of joy for DuPéré.
For millennials, some procedures are more popular than others.   Dr DuPéré also has a YouTube channel to discuss and show many of his procedures along with his facebook and Instagram account.
For women most common are:
Botox and filler (lips, cheeks, laugh lines, jowl correction, “dark circle correction”, etc.)
NON-surgical rhinoplasty (with our Juvederm and Restylane fillers)
Breast augmentation with our cohesive gel implants
Liposuction and body shaping
Mommy Makeover
Brazilian Butt lift and all types of buttock enhancement/augmentation
For Men most common are:
Botox and fillers, chin and jaw contouring,
Jaw angle and chin augmentation
Botox for underarm and hand sweating
Eyelid surgery
Abdominal etching
Calf, Pectoral enhancement
“I take great pride in performing all procedures, including all Botox and filler injections,” said DuPéré, “I believe I have both the artistry and the techniques to provide my patients with the utmost and safe results.”
Dean Maher

Dean Maher is the Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of The 416 Magazine.