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Men’s Style File – Dress to Impress & for Success

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When Empire Customs’ owner and designer Dennis Tavares was just five years old, his mother bought him a children’s suit so he would have formal wear for their family and friends’ weddings. Tavares recalls how he loved wearing that suit all the time, holding business meetings with his father as he pretended to be an urban professional.

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While most kids his age were playing sports, he was playing businessman—dressed to impress and for success. Now Tavares’ company, Empire Customs, is helping men dress to impress and for success. Tavares designs custom made suits with a keen attention to detail and caters to millennials, urban professionals, and many of Toronto’s elite sportsmen. In fact, if you visit Empire Customs Facebook page you may see some familiar figures from the Toronto Raptors or the Toronto Maple Leafs proudly posing in their new, custom-made suits.


The suits are custom made off-site and his store also offers on-site tailoring to update any of his suits to suit men’s’ body types and styles, or if a suit simply needs an alteration. Tavares’ suits stay relevant and can be adjusted to consistently impress at the club or in the boardroom.

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One of Empires’ specialties is weddings. The shop’s second floor is devoted to “everything groom” and Tavares even designs multicultural apparel for Toronto’s modern grooms and groomsmen. Tavares creativity and attention to detail have been well received. Currently, 90% of Empire’s wedding clientele came from word of mouth recommendations.


As with all of his designs, they are custom with special attention to detail.

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