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How a bicycle saved Easter in CityPlace

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As I approached Canoe Landing Park, I couldn’t believe the number of people awake and running around at 10:30 a.m.

Then again, they were all small, full of energy.

Children! Searching for Easter eggs. Who could blame them? The eggs were made of chocolate.

“She got trampled!,” Susan laughed, a CityPlace mom holding her daughter’s hand. “It’s because she’s so small and there are so many kids here. But another little girl helped her!”

The CityPlace Easter Egg Hunt was a definite success, in spite of the “trampled” kiddies who suffered no injuries.

“It’s a great experience for her to get together with all the other little kids in the area and try her very best to get some eggs,” resident mom Jennifer said, her daughter standing next to her.

“She didn’t get some this time, but they were nice enough to have some on the side for the kids that didn’t get them.”

But even chocolate eggs run out. I approached Gary Pieters, the CityPlace Residents’ Association president.

“I gotta run! ” he exclaimed.

“But I only need to chat with you for a few minutes.”

He quickly explained that he was racing home to get more eggs. In 45 minutes, they had given away 800 eggs. That’s right, 800.

“Look around. I didn’t even know we had these many kids in CityPlace,” Gary said.

We agreed that I would email him a few questions about the event instead.

“I’ll be back!”

And then he was off.

I made my way home, stopping to look at the giant Easter bunny at the event, someone dressed up as the famed animal, wandering around, taking photos with kids. My dog backed away, so I took that as a sign it was time to leave.

As I approached my CityPlace building, a five-minute walk away from the park, Gary was on his bicycle, sweating and pedaling uphill, carrying bags of eggs.

The dedication was see-through.

“I’m heading back now! On my bike!”

I laughed, startled that I bumped into him at that very moment.

“Thank you!,” I shouted.

I hope another batch of kids were waiting patiently for the real Easter bunny’s return.


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Diana Pereira

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