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From Tokyo to Toronto: Japanese-style Cheesecakes

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When someone mentions the word “cheesecake,” our mouths water and we think to ourselves, “I want a slice right now.”  In fact, you’re probably reminiscing about the flavours, colours, smells and textures from every cheesecake you’ve ever had—and you’re probably in a very happy place.


An original cheesecake with three mini sample Valentine’s Day special cakes.

For most people a cheesecake is a decadent treat that’s meant to be savoured with a glass of milk or wine, or maybe with nothing at all. Cheesecakes are the perfect go-to treat for just about any situation, be it for a group or just for you. The slices are usually small, but they’re full, sweet and heavenly.

However, cheesecake has evolved. It can even be made as a vegan or gluten-free treat, and to satisfy just about everyone. With that in mind, take a moment to imagine a cheesecake that’s light and soft as cotton, as airy and pillowy as a cloud. That cheesecake would be a Japanese-style cheesecake.


Mini samples of the Valentine’s Day special cakes.

If that’s what you desire, CityPlace’s own cheesecake baker Cecilia Noon has the answer to your craving. Noon started out baking cheesecakes for her family and friends when she lived in Japan. When she returned to Canada in April 2015, her new Toronto friends fell in love with her cheesecakes and so many of them recommended her to others that Cecilia’s Cheesecakes was born.

Noon introduced the neighbourhood to her Japanese-style cheesecakes at the 2015 CityPlace Urban Market and then at the neighbourhood Autumn and Winter Holiday Markets. They’ve received rave reviews on the CityPlace Facebook pages and will be returning to the 2016 CityPlace Urban Market.


All of Noon’s cakes are gluten free and 7 inches (17.78 cm). She offers plain cheesecakes, as well as chocolate and matcha (green tea) flavours, and special cakes.

To view Cecilia’s cheesecakes you can view her many creations on her Instagram @cecheesecakes and contact her on Facebook.

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