Happy St. Paddy’s Day Toronto!

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First off, let’s settle this once and for all, it’s St. PADDY’s Day, two D’s (not St. Patty’s).

Patrick: Anglicized form of the Irish Padraig -> Paddy

Patty: a woman’s nickname, also an abbreviation for a hamburger.

Happy St. Paddy’s Day Toronto!

In honour of March 17, a day filled with Guinness day drinking, all shades of green, and people “reclaiming their Irish heritage with shirts that say “kiss me I’m Irish”, we thought we should share a bit of Irish Canadian history and what they have to say about Toronto.

Corktown is named after County Cork in the southwest of Ireland, Cabbagetown, and Macaulay Town (north of Queen, west of Yonge), is honoured in the street names: Sackville, Trinity, and Erin. In Riverdale, there’s the Irish Design House which is a store that showcases handmade Irish crafts and fashion from various areas of Ireland. If you’re craving Marmite or you need key ingredients for your Sunday roast, there’s a plethora of stores that stock treats and other goodies from Ireland and the United Kingdom.

Let’s get back to the drinking part. Irish pubs are easy to find all across the city, but what sets apart an authentic Irish drinking experience? One thing is for sure, Guinness will never taste the same as it does back in the homeland (there was an extensive taste test to prove it).

I surveyed Irish residents about their favourite spots in the city to find out what makes an Irish pub. Samantha is an Irish native and has been living in Toronto for nearly two years. She loves Toronto but still misses Sunday roasts and cobblestone streets. “I like Fynn’s temple bar just because it’s close to my work. But Ceili Cottage and Fionn MacCool’s Irish breakfasts are best out there! Guinness will never be the same as back home though.” But we hope you still have at least one pint of Guinness.

As you’ll probably be drunk by noon, the fine folks at Jameson are making sure that the festivities are both fun and safe and the 501, 504 and 514 TTC rides will be free from 4 pm to 2:30 am.

Where to drink:

Belfast Love – Not authentically Irish but it’s easily accessible on King Street.

BELFAST LOVE! ST PATS! NOW! @belfastlovepub @jamesonyyz @guinness

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Dublin Calling – Entertainment District for those who want a big night out.

Ceili Cottage – For those who do want to soak up Irish culture at this Leslieville establishment.

Irish-ish ☘️ #goodcraic

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Whelan’s Gate – Wood and wagon wheels. Need I say anything more?!

Irish Embassy – Irish nachos are a thing, and you should probably try them.

What to drink:

Green beer, sure it’s cliche but very festive!

Irish whisky, this is not for the faint of heart but if you’re willing, try a classic Jameson, ginger and lime cocktail!

And of course, you should have at least one Guinness or two. It won’t be the authentic Irish kind but its tradition, and that’s how the day is celebrated.

What to wear:

If green isn’t in your wardrobe, the Dollar store is a pot of gold for getting festive. You might not come home with all your accessories, but at least it was only a buck!


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