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“Be Bold, Be Risk Taker”

There are umpteen ways to add oomph and personality to a room.

Sure, you can punch up your space with some decorative pillows. In fact, we are known for our over the top, sometimes offensive pillows that scream “look at me, over here”! But pillows are a safer, less permanent way of punching up a room. So you say you are ready to take it to the next level? You say you want to live a little closer to the edge?

The next level up out of ‘safes-ville’ would be the use of a cool, funky chair or two. They are a bit more of an investment both in dollars and design, but holy statement piece Batman. Speaking of Batman, or at least comic books, we recently added a new chair to our line in one of our own comic book fabrics. Comic book graphics are really popular right now and it is one of our most adored design trends. Or maybe an oversized floral in bold colours like a Marimekko fabric is more your speed. Bright, bold, oversized patterns are so hot right now and they are one of our favourite ways to electrify a room.


But if comic books or patterns really just aren’t your thing, maybe try a texture like the tone on tone damask inspired fabric on the black and white chairs that we did for the same client as the Comic Book chairs.   Both of these chairs were for the same person and each was done with a different technique, but in the end, they both achieve the same result of shock and awe.

Still a tad weary, are you? If stark black and white is still a bit too bold for you, then we suggest you stick with a solid colour of your choice. Just make sure it stands out from the rest of your furniture. The whole idea is to add personality to the room so your fabric selection should stand out in the crowd and not get lost or disappear into the background.


And let’s not forget the naked chairs. Not all seating needs to have a fabric element. You certainly could paint out an old wooden chair in a super bright and vibrant colour or even have a metal chair powder coated in a custom colour that enhances your décor and reflects your personality.

A successful statement piece doesn’t follow the rules. It’s the rebel. Your statement piece chair should be a completely different colour that does not already exist in your scheme. Maybe it’s a red plaid wingback amongst a soft cloud of silvery grays and off whites. Or a bright fuchsia wool feather chair enveloped inside a pool of teal walls. No need to then try and accessorize elsewhere in the space with the same colour. If you add pillows in the matching red plaid, your chair is no longer making a statement, it’s blending in.

Be bold, be a risk taker. Whether it’s with a vibrant colour, a subtle texture, a big splashy print or all of the above, a fabulous statement piece chair is an excellent way to show visitors just how fabulous you are. Because let’s face it, you are pretty darn fabulous and we think everyone needs to know.



Terry Edward Briceland

Terry Edward Briceland is the Co-Founder & Creative Dictator of teb Interiors. Terry is best known from his many appearances on HGTV and W Network television programs. teb Interiors offers complete Interior Design services plus they specialize in custom sewing and upholstery, servicing throughout the GTA. The firm is known for its edgy, controversial designs and for creating truly one of a kind show pieces that are guaranteed to get the conversation going

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