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The full version of Canada’s Lip Dub video.

Everyone, I hope you enjoy Canada's Lip Dub brought to you by myself and Scarlett BoBo! Featuring over 50 queens of Canada. Dance with us through the decades. #Canadaslipdub #scarlettbobo #canada #dragqueen #lipdub #toronto VH1NewNowNext Logo RuPaul RuPaul's Drag Race Michelle Visage CityNews Toronto CP24 Toronto's Breaking News The Toronto Star

Posted by James Forrester on Wednesday, March 1, 2017


James Forrester, a local Toronto producer has become one of the city’s best drag queen, lip sync, parody producers.



The first drag queen he worked with was Jada Hudson; he worked on her music and club mixes.  Together they created her original music which is available on iTunes/Google Play and Amazon as well as other online music services.  Forrester said they will create the video for her first single ‘Don’t Come For Me‘ which is a fun cheesy track for Jada to perform at her shows soon.

Forrester was later introduced to another drag queen performer Sofonda Cox.  “This was the first video I produced, a fun version of Selena Gomez ‘hands to myself’.  It was so well received we decided to do another one bigger and better, ‘Lemonade’, that went viral.   Sofonda has been my drive to create better and bigger production videos.  She has a new idea every week, and we collaborate effortlessly to bring the vision to life”, says Forrester.



Celebs have yet to comment on the parody videos. However, the Lemonade parody was shared via Buzzfeed, Huffington Post, Logo and many other media sites.

Forresters’s relationship with the drag community has drastically changed.  “Before, I used to just see it as a lip sync show.  Now I understand the work involved, and I am grateful to be able to see first-hand the amount of artistry and talent that is involved and needed.  Everything from the makeup skills and costuming, they refine themselves every time they perform. As with most things, there is always a little drama involved in Toronto’s drag community. However, it’s a good drama that drives them to keep striving to do better each and every time they hit the stage.   This drive is one of the main reasons I decided to co-produce Canada’s Lip Dub with Scarlett BoBo.  The project was a success and brought the performing drag community together”, says Forrester.



Scarlett BoBo, on her last trip to Amsterdam, was involved in a Lip Dub with 100 drag queens.  The entire Amsterdam community of drag queens came together for that project, Bobo thought that it would be a perfect project for Toronto.  “When I brought it to James, he jumped on it right away and then off we went”, says Bobo.  From there BoBo decided on the theme of decades, and there was no going back.

“Filming everything myself was stressful and tiring. However, I am so proud of what we produced. We brought together a group of almost 100 people, including performers and volunteers and had the most amazing day. I would like to thank everyone who helped me in the past year to create these videos and to those who have approached me to bring their vision to the small screen. To Jada Hudson for starting it all and to Sofonda Cox who has extended so many opportunities and to Scarlet Bobo for co-producing Canada’s Lip Dub”, says Forrester.




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A celebration of the modern day Thrill-Giver; “THRILLER” – the Drag Queen

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