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Liberty Village condo goes eco-friendly

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Hunting for Pokemon is apparently still a thing, but for some reason, people don’t get the same thrill out of collecting trash. Being eco-friendly is a buzzword that encompasses everything from picking up garbage just because you’re a good person to making conscious sustainability decisions such as what type of light bulbs to use and how long we spend in the shower. Whatever the term eco-friendly means to you, there’s another very pertinent environmental issue that condo dwellers should be paying more attention to – how energy efficient and sustainable are the buildings we call home?
With condos popping up at a faster rate than millennials who change their minds, it’s becoming increasingly crucial to evaluate a building’s sustainability ranking when deciding where to live. Condo corporations are notorious for purchasing the most inexpensive fixtures, so when the time comes to sourcing sustainable replacements, going green doesn’t necessarily mean you have to spend a lot of green.
“As soon as our building closed and we formed a board, we started looking for environmentally friendly options, it was our priority,” said Todd Hofley, a Liberty Village resident, founder of the Liberty Village Residents Association and president of Liberty Towers condo board. Rolling up his sleeves, Todd, along with the board got to work and retrofitted the parking garage with LED lights and motion sensors. They installed LED lights in all the common areas (which are proving to be very popular because some residents are actually stealing them for their units – PSA Home Hardware sells them!), changed the pool over to salt water and then a few years later replaced their six-year-old worn hallway carpets.
“We replaced our floors in the fall of 2015 with FLOR tile which is entirely recycled as well as being tile by tile replaceable, which worked incredibly well!” FLOR tiles are sourced from reclaimed and recycled materials. Using tiles are more eco-friendly as it doesn’t require ripping up an entire area of carpet. FLOR products are manufactured in progressive, energy-efficient facilities that use less water and energy and produce less waste. The company also offers a recycling program that ensures that tiles can be passed on to the next generation.
Before installing the carpet tiles, residents were asked their opinion on colours and to test the durability by using a sample tile as their front door mat for a couple of weeks. Feedback was positive, so they moved ahead with the replacement. Todd explained they have found that these carpets will only have to be cleaned once every year and a half compared to the current three times a year. Less cleaning equals less money out of pocket for condo fees and less energy/water/solvent usage. All cleaning solutions used by the building (including pet-friendly salt!) are eco-friendly products.
Hofley and his condo board are continuing their green crusade with plans to offer a group rate on low flow toilets, ongoing check-ups to ensure that boilers and chillers are working efficiently and the continued use of recycled water for irrigation.
Location and price are usually the biggest factors when searching for the perfect pad in the six but doing a little research on how green a building is will go a long way in the name of sustainability.
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