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The Lifestyles of Toronto’s Instagram Four-Legged Rich & Famous

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It’s a given that Kim Kardashian has more Gram followers, likes, comments, trolls, and sponsored posts than you but did you expect that your four-legged fur baby would be Insta famous? Personally, I prefer to keep up with the @Pugdashians (96K followers and counting) than the human counterpart. Social media savvy pets are outperforming their owners, and we can’t get enough of it.

Toronto is teaming with many pawrents, and so it wasn’t hard to find the most liked pets in the city. According to the City of Toronto, there are 2.8 million people and 250,000 cats and 160,000 dogs (domestic). 416 Mag interviewed dog and cat mothers and fathers to share the stories of their more famous counterparts.

“I started the Instagram account @iggyjoey for my dog because from the moment she came home with me I was smitten. I was taking and posting so many photos of her on my own account my friends were complaining!” -Lyndal, @iggyjoey.   416 Mag’s story cover photo is courtesy

“I started his account almost two years ago. It started out for fun, but then it became a hobby. Archer makes me so happy, so I wanted to share his cuteness with the world!” -Valerie,

“I’m a professional dog photographer, and for a long while, I’d post photos of my dog. People always asked me why I didn’t have an Instagram account for her. So I decided to start. My dogter is named Luna. She has been my biggest inspiration over the last seven years. I love her and care for her the same way people care for their children. To me Luna is perfect. Our animal friends teach us more than we could have expected and love us more than we could have hoped. She’s helped me cope with severe anxiety disorder which I’ve been diagnosed with. She’s my biggest comfort.” -Stephanie, @lunainliberty

“I set up an Insta acct because I think my fur baby is the cutest most beautiful cat in the world. So much focus is put on dogs on Instagram, and I wanted to prove that cats are just as interactive and adorable. My cat Riko acts just like a dog, he wears outfits, dresses up for Halloween and goes for walks on a leash outside. I want to change people’s minds and open them up to a cool cat lifestyle.” -Caitlin, @how_u_like_meow


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“I set up this account for Honey so I could share her fluffy cuteness and funny personality with the world!” -Kendral, @honeybeezinthatrap

Sleepy gang sleepy gang sleepy gang. I love takin naps all day ouuuu

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“I thought I could be a “dogager” like Kris Jenner for Peatree and she would be famous and the world could admire her as much as I do.” -Courtney, @Peatree.morkie

“Initially we started Mumford’s social media as a cute and funny photo diary from his perspective. We started on Tumblr before we brought him home as a puppy with pics of his new toys and crate waiting for him. We eventually started Instagram and Facebook for Mumford as well, but Instagram is where he really shone. He has over 6,500 followers and some lovely fans that interact with him regularly. He’s become Insta-famous enough that he gets recognized on the street, just like a real celebrity. Which still feels kind of crazy sometimes to have puparazzi yell out his name and ask for photos!” -Sherry, @mynameismumford

“Panda and I recently moved to Liberty Village from Bay and Lakeshore, and we love it here. Panda was found in a hunting trap in the Quinte area of Ontario near Belleville. They believe that she either escaped or was dumped from a puppy mill in the area. She lost her leg as a result of being caught in the trap, but she is a super happy pup and loves tearing up the dog park.” -Stephanie, @pandabeaar

Do you have a favourite pooch or feline to add to our list?

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