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Men’s Style File – Ties, Details & Socks that Rock

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Empire Customs is known and loved by local millennials and urban professionals for its custom suits. They work out of their CityPlace location, expertly helping men choose everything about their suits. Empire also keeps everything on file so customers can refer back to their patterns and alter them as needed.  They also devote a large section of the showroom floor to accessories that can turn any suit into a spectacular ensemble.

Designer and owner, Dennis Tavares, helps his clients navigate through a sea of ties, socks and much more—and he shared some of his expert design advice with 416.


Ties—the long ones

Tie knots are a pressing concern for a lot of men, but according to Tavares, it all comes down to one simple rule:  Big knots (double Windsors) for big guys and small knots (half-Windsors) for slim guys. This rule also applies to lapels. Choose wide lapels for men with broader frames and, for the slimmer men, a slimmer lapel cut.


Bow ties and scarves

Three piece suits and bow ties are a modern choice for grooms who want a sharp, clean look that’s guaranteed to impress. In fact, 50% of today’s urban grooms are choosing a custom suit with a vest and bow tie instead of a traditional tuxedo.


Lapel pins

The secret to a striking ensemble, much like anything in life, is all in the details—and a subtle, yet colourful accent can effectively complete the look you’re trying to achieve.



Anything goes here! You can even confidently wear yellow and pink socks with a navy suit if you wear them with confidence.


Very busy socks are in style and you don’t need to match.


Finally, and because some rules never go out of style, belts and shoes must always match.

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