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Here’s your Mother’s Day agenda in CityPlace

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416 Mag has designed the perfect Mother’s Day itinerary within CityPlace. You’re welcome.

Let’s start.

What’s Mother’s Day without some sweets?

Start your morning bright and early at the Nutella Cafe, located inside Sobeys.

Photo credit, Laura Rossi Photography

Treat your mom to a freshly-made crepe or waffle. Espresso, coffee, tea, and hot chocolate only cost one buck each.

While your mom is enjoying her sugar shock, you can pick up some last-minute items from Sobeys, which has greeting cards, potted herbs, and gift cards to various stores or subscriptions including Marshalls, Netflix, Cineplex, LCBO, among several others.

If your mom has everything, you could always stock up on some non-perishable food such as pasta, peanut butter, and canned goods and drop them in the Daily Bread bin at the west-end door at Sobeys, and tell your mom the donation was on her behalf. She fed you for years so now it’s your turn to feed someone else! Right before you leave out that door though, buy a couple trashy magazines. The rack is located near the exit and you’ll need the magazines for later.

Now your mom has that sugar to burn off (and so do you, because you grabbed one of their Nutella-filled doughnuts, I know); so explore the Terry Fox Miracle Mile running track at Canoe Landing Park. If you dare, take a high-intensity spin class at SpokeHaus set to dance music to keep your heart pumping while you pedal.

After your workout, it’s time to replenish. Bobo Tea and Juice is a new shop offering thirst-quenching drinks. Every time the Blue Jays are in town, the shop offers “The Blue Jay,” a smoothie which consists of blueberry and banana, combined with your choice of cow’s, almond, or soy milk.  It just so happens that the Jays are playing on Mother’s Day, so you’re in luck. I tasted the smoothie and it’s flavourful and refreshing.

It’s time to relax and spend a little time on self-care. Treat your mom to a mani-pedi at Nuvo Nails, open from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Sunday.

Photo credit, Laura Rossi Photography

Pull out the trashy magazines and see what Brad Pitt is doing in his sorta-new free time, see what Kim Kardashian is doing with Kanye, and what outfit J-Lo is rocking these days.

Photo credit, Laura Rossi Photography

Then if you’re hungry, stop in at Macho Radio Bar, Hunters Landing, or Roywoods for brunch or lunch. I can’t say enough about Macho’s fish taco, Hunters’ lobster benny, and Roywoods jerk chicken sandwich on coco bread. You can’t go wrong.

Photo credit, Laura Rossi Photography

From there, it’s time to wind down again. You can pick up some wine at the Wine Shop inside Sobeys, which has gift packages, some even including chocolate.  Some of the fun options for moms, according to a Wine Shop employee, is the sangria and the sparkling wines.

Nutella, a manicure, chocolate, wine, brunch — what more does mom want?

Oh yeah, flowers.

Thankfully, a brand new floral boutique has opened right next to SpokeHaus on Dan Leckie Way. Camellia Floral Studio offers three special Mother’s Day bouquets made up of peonies, carnations, roses, and baby’s breath. A small arrangement comes in an ice-cream cone shaped arrangement. The medium and large are both in box-shaped vases.

Photo credit, Camellia Floral Studio

Photo credit, Camellia Floral Studio

If flowers aren’t your mom’s thing, the shop is full of plants.

If you’re treating yourself, the plants are suitable for condo-living — they are indoor plants that are low maintenance and purify the air. They are succulents, which only need to be watered once or twice a week and are small. They will eventually grow to become quite big, then at that point, you can gift them to your mom on a future Mother’s Day.

The shop also carries tropical plants which have a lot more leaves and are also indoor. The shop sources all their flowers and plants from a local farm.

After buying your mom flowers, why not stick around for some floral education?

Camellia offers workshops about how to care for plants and how to build terrariums. It’s free if you buy everything you need at the shop. They offer another workshop on how to arrange a bouquet including the flowers. The workshops are 1-2 hours long and only run on the weekends.


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