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The Music Garden Cafe is Music to your Senses

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Music Garden Cafe is really in the most idyllic location. Across from the oasis that is Music Garden (duh),

Toronto’s Music Garden courtesy Music Garden Facebook page

overlooking the lake and airport, this is another spot that you can sit in for hours. Not only because it has WiFi, but the homemade food always hits the spot.

Jessica, a barista at the cafe, tells me the breakfast special is their best-selling food item.

“It’s like an Egg McMuffin,” she said.

Egg, cheese, and bacon come piled on an English muffin, for only $5. I can attest to how tasty it is, and it’s made to order, which makes it more special. I’ve sometimes substituted the cheese for avocado, and it was a delicious option that didn’t create any fuss in their kitchen.

All their food is made in-house. When I stop in, they had plenty of chicken pot pie, lemon cheesecake, profiteroles, and tuxedo cake in a tempting display.

Their homemade cheese croissants are to die for though, the melt-in-your-mouth kind when they’re right out of the oven.

The London Fog is the cafe’s most popular drink, an earl grey latte with vanilla syrup. The coffee brand used is Canterbury, from Sumatra Mandheling, 100% Arabica beans.

A lot of the customers are locals, and a lot work at the ballet next door.

“Most people stay,” Jessica explains. “It’s not as busy as Starbucks and people can get work done.” WiFi is available.

It’s a comfortable space, with nice touches such as couches and fun wallpaper.

In the warmer months, a lot of people who visit the harbourfront area stop in for a coffee.

Music Garden Cafe | 466 Queen’s Quay W., west of Spadina Avenue


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