Pampered Pooches

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Toronto’s West End Dog Fest

In 2008, I became the proud doggy mom of a Westiepoo named Sophie. She was and still is the sweetest, kindest, most gentle dog, although all proud dog parents say the same thing. All dog guardians believe their special pooch is the best of the best. I was no exception because unconditional love creates a strong bond between people and dogs. Sophie has been pampered since that first day she joined my family. She was a pampered pooch – so much so that she would be with me all day in my art studio and we’d end each day with a long evening walk on the beach.

Living in Liberty Village and being surrounded by so many dogs of all shapes, sizes and personalities helped me realize I could combine two of my passions: art and hosting events (such as Toronto Art Crawl). As a result, we created a day to celebrate all of our Pampered Pooches, the only Toronto West End Dog Fest!

The first event was held in early 2015 in Liberty Village and it was a great success. Pampered Pooches TO attracted close to 3,000 human visitors and thousands more dogs from all over Toronto and Ontario. We’re planning many more events for people and their pooches to enjoy. |

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