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Many Torontonians are willing to spend more on premium quality toys, food, and accessories for their beloved pets, or “fur babies” as some call them—and Pet Social’s success with the CityPlace and Fort York urban professionals proves it.


Pet Social, CityPlace and Fort York’s hot spot for people and their pets, has been serving four-legged Torontonians out of their locations at 11 Fort York Boulevard and 22 Bathurst Street—and they’ve let us in on some insights into local pet owner’s buying habits.


When it comes to dog toys, plush toys are the best sellers, especially if they’re squeaky. We don’t know if dogs specifically love these toys or if the dog parents are drawn in by the cuteness factor, but either way, they’re a hit.


Royal Canin is the food of choice for most dog parents, but Pet Social carries many other popular premium dog food brands.  The one thing you won’t find there are no name brand dog foods as they cater to people interested in premium, high-quality ingredients for the little ones.


Pet Social also offers a wide selection of rawhide bones, which is the next best thing to buying your dog a bone from a butcher shop.  They have everything from real meat to pigs ears to femur pig bones and also offer an exotic array of chews that you won’t find at your local grocery store or even some older established pet shops.


Pet Social also carry a wide assortment of treats, which many dog owners (and many more dogs) find is a necessity. Just try yelling “Do you want a cookie?” in any dog park and see what happens. Just be forewarned: If you try this, you’d better have some treats because they will come expecting one.

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Pet Social hasn’t noticed a bestselling cat food brand yet, but they say it’s a toss-up between  Go, Now, Royal Canin and Fromm. Many people are choosing grain free cat food to accommodate their cats’ naturally carnivorous diet.


Consequently, Holistic Select grain free is another top selling soft cat foods.


These days, no pet store can be without a great selection of pet accessories and Pet Social has risen to the occasion! Clothes, jackets, and booties are their bestselling accessories, outdoing even leashes and collars!


One often misunderstood accessory is the muzzle.  Pictured below, the Halti, and it leads by the head for control.   Another popular muzzle is the basket muzzle. Contrary to popular belief, the basket muzzle is not just for dogs with unresolved aggression issues.  Most dogs who chose to try to eat foreign objects off the ground will drop it on command, but some don’t and basket muzzles help habitual ground snackers stay safe.


Pet Social offers many other services like dog grooming, nail trims and more!





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