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For those who grew up in the 80s, the name Ferris Bueller is iconic. For those who didn’t, Ferris Bueller`s Day Off, starring Matthew Broderick, is a movie about one high school student`s determination to take a sick day. Ferris managed to fool everyone, except his high school principal who was determined to catch him faking his illness. He took the art of calling in sick to an entirely new height and did it 80s style. Unlike most that have played hooky from school, Ferris’ adventure was an epic tale of unbelievable portions.

Toronto-based artist Sarah Keenlyside and filmmaker Joseph Clement launched a worldwide scavenger hunt and crowd funding campaign to recreate Ferris Bueller’s 1986 bedroom in as much detail as possible for their upcoming art event titled, Come Up To My Room. Finding the props was a challenge as everything from the era has become obsolete.


Syd Bolton who runs the Personal Computer Museum in Brantford and Sarah Keenlyside

Syd Bolton who runs the Personal Computer Museum in Brantford and Sarah Keenlyside

Ferris Bueller comes from a time before present day technology, before Facebook, Twitter and smart phones. It was a movie that glamourized breaking free from day to day life and having fun with your only connections being your real friends.  It was a time when you had to make your own adventure without the help of Siri or Google.  To place it in today`s context, it would be like a day when your smart phone dies, your internet’s cut off and all you have is your landline and the radio.  Now, 30 years after Ferris famously played hooky, it is important for us to save his room so we can all reminisce about a time when we didn`t need to be connected 24/7.

Come Up To My Room 2016 was part of the Gladstone Hotel’s 13th annual alternative art + design exhibition, which featured over 20 artists transforming the hotel with original installations.


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