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MEOW … Feline friends a fixture at CityPlace pet store

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At CityPlace’s local pet store, you can get a good look at Snowshoes and Mittens.


No, the shop doesn’t sell winter gear (in spite of the chill that is upon us; but never mind that).

Snowshoes and Mittens are the store’s feline residents.

The cats, who are sisters, both 11-years-old, live in the shop. They were adopted by the store’s owner from Toronto Animal Services about four years ago.

Their names are Snowshoes and Mittens because their paws are white (and have six toes each).

The pair never leaves the store and are fixtures.

In fact, some dogs (and humans) visit daily, just to hang with the sisters.

“People come after work just to pet her,” said Derek Sokoloski, who works at the store.

Who is he talking about?

Snowshoes, the social one.


“People love them, especially Snowshoes, who’s the lighter one,” Derek explains. “She chills with all dogs; there are only a few that don’t go near her. She is very friendly, sometimes annoyingly so!”

“And first thing in the morning she follows me around meowing because she needs cuddles,” Derek laughs. “She’s needy.”

As for Mittens, she’s the one with the attitude.


“Mittens walks away and ignores people,” Derek says.

She’s the typical cat, who often saunters around the store solo and doesn’t need a lot of attention.

You can visit Snowshoes and Mittens at Pet Social at 11 Fort York Blvd.




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