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Single in CityPlace: Q&A with 6 eligible bachelors & bachelorettes

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CityPlacers Andrew Yang, Anna Anqi Li, David Pinard, Jenna Paolini, Rasha Ghandour, and Seth O’Shea are six single souls who braved our questionnaire. Two of our bachelors, Seth and David, were kicked off of Bachelorette Canada (we’re not even kidding).

One of our singles, who is not named here, met a doctor while visiting an ill relative at the hospital. Now she has a boyfriend! We’re trying to convince her to be profiled anyway, in a different light.

One single woman, also not named here, found our questions “too personal”, so much that she backed out of the entire process, even after being photographed.

We’d love your feedback. Are you single in CityPlace? Care to answer our questions and be profiled in this magazine? Or do you think the questions are too personal? Tell us why or why not.

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So, read on and discover our six CityPlace singles.

(Note: Some answers have been shortened for clarity and length.)

Q. Why are you still single? (Don’t you hate that question?!)

Andrew: I love it! I take it as a compliment. I have a tendency to put my career before relationships and spent the last few years focusing on building my marketing agency without focusing too much on relationships. Long answer short: I just really haven’t put all that much effort into looking. It’s fun being single, but now that this interview is putting things into perspective, I guess I gotta get my stuff together.

Anna: I haven’t found my unicorn yet … read her next answer.

David: I’m super happy with where my life is at and feel I have a lot of time to still find the right one.

Jenna:  I think I’m still single because I’d like to date someone but “dating” doesn’t seem to exist anymore. More so it’s who I want to Netflix and Chill with… :/

Rasha: Sometimes I wonder if it’s by choice or simply I haven’t found my true partner yet. People say I’m picky, but how could I not be, though?

Seth: Probably because I’m quite busy and whenever I have free time I like to hide out in my room and watch Netflix like a loser.

Andrew Yang

Andrew Yang (Andrew’s Instagram page) | Photo by Laura Rossi

Q. What are you looking for in a partner?

Andrew: I’m looking for someone who’s chill, comfortable in their body, non-judgmental, and independent. I grew up with a lot of strong female influences so someone who can hold their own but also be a straight badass when the situation calls for it. I have a tendency to fall for women who are confident and speak their mind. Oh! And a creative side! Being a former professional hip-hop dancer, I truly appreciate someone who can inspire me creatively.

Anna: I’m looking for a unicorn that is above average competent, compassionate, smart, wise, honest, respectful, mature, well travelled/backpacked; a man with integrity, good health, well-balanced looks, sensitivity, education and work experience, diligent, positivity, moral compass (both cultivated environmentally/genetically), raised by loving parents in a healthy upbringing, and has their stuff together (well enough to not cause trouble in another’s life), potentially is open to consider relocation to a warmer part of the world at some point in life and potentially wants to raise well-balanced and divergent children. Is independent and wants to be 200% together cuz ideally we’re pretty close to 100% on our own already. (Wow, ok I get the unicorn reference now. – Diana)

David: Someone who is laid back, loves to laugh and just and who enjoys the most out of life and has to be good at board games, dunno why but it’s a big turn on.

Jenna: First and foremost. I’d like humour and an outgoing personality. Someone who can pull me out of my shell.

Rasha: I’m looking for someone who is intelligent, kind, fun to be with, has depth and a well-rounded individual. My list is short but quite important for me.

Seth: I’m looking for someone that makes me laugh, who I feel lucky to be with.  I think the most important thing in a relationship is for both people to bring out the best in each other, that’s what I’m looking for.

Anna Anqi Li

Anna Anqi Li (Anna’s Instagram page) | Photo by Laura Rossi

Q.  What is your dream date?

Andrew: It’s a wondrous summer night, I have a few candles lined up around a picnic sprawl with some sandwiches (and a rotisserie chicken – what? I love chicken) and a bottle of wine. We dine our way under the stars with a view of the city skyline and the smooth R&B sounds of some old school Usher and Craig David playing in the background. Then we hit the city just living it up at random bars, dance venues, and activities (just getting lost in the moment). By the end of the night, I sit her down by the lakeside, and I play a song and serenade her with a solo dance performance. Just for her. Then we just dance the night away like no one is watching. What happens after that I’ll leave to the reader’s imagination.

Anna: Great flow, conversation, spark

David:  I’m a sucker for romantic comedies, so maybe like a candle-lit dinner in Paris, then a kiss with the Eiffel Tower in the background … LOL!

Jenna: Hmmm can you fly me to Italy and eat gelato with me?

Rasha: I’m a very simple woman and quite practical, yet I love class. Not sure if I have a dream date but I would enjoy intellectual yet fun conversation.

Seth: I’d like to have my date pick me up in a helicopter and fly us to an exotic country where the indigenous people would cook for us and teach us their way of life.

Jenna Paolini

Jenna Paolini (Jenna’s Instagram page) | Photo by Laura Rossi

Q.  What has been your best date so far?

Andrew: It was the first date, we hit up an awesome sushi joint on Ossington paired with some wine for dinner. After we had planned to go to the Gladstone for an art exhibit event and little did we know there was also a live band playing on the first floor. Out of spontaneity, we grabbed a few beers and hung out and had some awesome conversation while listening to the live band. We ended the night at the Drake Hotel.

Anna: I’ve always had long relationships so no best date so far.

David: Any date with food is always the best date. Impressed if a girl can cook.

Jenna: What we do on a date doesn’t matter so long as our conversation flows and the guy makes an effort to get to know me. I’d say my best date was when this happened over a dinner and also found we had the same sense of humour which is rarer than you’d think.

Rasha: Anything that involves activities, totally in.

Seth: Once upon a time I was with my ex in Paris. We spent the day eating crepes under the Eiffel Tower and threw a lock off of the love lockers bridge. (Have you been comparing notes with David, Seth? – Diana)

David Pinard

David Pinard (David’s Instagram page) | Photo by Laura Rossi

Q.  What is your funniest or worst rejection story?

Andrew: Do rejections even happen anymore? I swear I just get ghosted more often than not these days. It wasn’t a rejection, but I did end up going on a dinner date with someone, and it didn’t go so well (we just didn’t gel) and the girl ranted about me in a long Facebook post (luckily without my name). But it was safe to say that I never saw her again.

Anna: I’ve had to have my best friend call me to get out of a date – my first in-person date after chatting with someone online – I felt terrible, but it was necessary.

David: Guess I would have to say getting kicked off Bachelorette Canada … LOL … top eight ain’t so bad, though.

Jenna: I don’t think there have been any horrible or funny rejections, but there have been some ghostings.

Rasha: Passed on the question

Seth: Hmmm I can’t think of one?  I think it’s mostly due to a combination of ego and not taking enough dating risks. Ask me this question again in a month, and I’ll have an answer.

Seth O’Shea

Seth O’Shea (Seth’s Instagram page) | Photo by Laura Rossi

Q.  How do you date (primarily)? Online, bars, matchmakers, something else?

Andrew: Online and dating apps are the default option. It’s just SO convenient, and I also dance A LOT, so I end up meeting a lot of women at different dance joints across the city, to name a few: Supermarket, Cold Tea, Sneaky Dees, The Office Pub, Miss Things, The Ossington, and some private events.

Anna: Tried online apps for a week and gave up very quickly. Trying to meet people through friends but that’s rare given everyone’s seemingly busy schedule.

David: Anywhere really, love meeting new people so easy to start up a conversation during my everyday activities.

Jenna: Online. Tinder and Bumble pretty much exclusively. I’m an introvert, so these formats make my life easier. Although they clearly haven’t been working so perhaps, I need to rethink my strategy.

Rasha: Primarily going out and I’m trying now online dating.

Seth: Social media and bars mostly.

Rasha Ghandour (Rasha’s Instagram page) | Photo by Laura Rossi

Q.  How is CityPlace helping or hurting your love life?

Andrew: Lived here for five years and had never dated anyone in CityPlace. It’s a great community, met a lot of great people here, and honestly, it’s an awesome place to live. CityPlace as a residence has helped a lot. Having a place to bring a lady after an awesome date and showing her the views of the city from the floor to ceiling windows is always a winning combination. I’m not within CityPlace enough when it comes to social activities to say that it’s done anything to my love life.

Anna: Neither

David: Love CityPlace, I’m originally from Windsor, so anything here is a big upgrade, close to everything, so it’s easy to meet up with people.

Jenna: There are so many people who live in CityPlace that I only need to set my online radius to 3 km and I’ll still never been short on dates each week.

Rasha: I love living at CityPlace and people here are quite awesome and friendly.   I’ve met so many great guys, but the chemistry part has not happened yet.

Seth: Haha I think it’s doing neither, I think if I want to change my current love life situation It’s on me.

Q.  Favourite spot in CityPlace to meet other singles?

Andrew: The dog park. I don’t have a dog (would love to get one, but I got priorities). When I did dog sit for a few friends of mine, the conversations just start rolling! The fact that we even have any outdoor space for activities (and the new skating rink) puts CityPlace far ahead of the other condos in downtown Toronto. Especially during the summer!

Anna: Haven’t found it LOL

David: Don’t know if Belfast Love counts but that’s my favourite spot.

Jenna: I usually bring my Tinder dates to Hunters Landing – it’s close by and easy for me to escape if the date isn’t going well.

Rasha: I go to Hunters Landing sometimes to watch a game.

Seth: Don’t have one I’m still very new to the city and CityPlace. (Here’s your chance to show this one around, CityPlace ladies! – Diana)

Q.  What are your plans for Valentine’s Day?

Andrew: Backflips. All day. But for real, though, Valentine’s Day is coming up fast eh? UHHHHH probably trying to make a winter version of my dream date come true? (I’ll probably just be at home on Tinder – let’s be real.)

Anna: No plans yet, down for anything!

David: Working (This may be why you’re single, David! – Diana)

Jenna: I’ll probably just invite a friend over for a glass of wine and wait for the chocolate to go on sale the next day.

Rasha: I will be on vacation, it will be fun

Seth: I don’t plan that far in advance … so none 🙁 …. yet?

Q.  Sports or arts?

Andrew: Arts

Anna: Arts

David: Used to play travel soccer and I am a singer/songwriter so kind of a happy medium.

Jenna: I enjoy playing volleyball and golf, but if I have to pick I’d say arts – I have a love of psychology and abstract art.

Rasha: I watch sports.

Seth: Both? I work out almost every day, love playing hockey, volleyball, squash. I’m also really into photography, writing and addicted to movies.

Q.  Boxers or Briefs? Full or thong?

Andrew: Boxers

Anna: Full

David: Briefs, like a nice firm grasp down there LOL

Jenna: Thongs. I don’t even own a pair of full panties.

Rasha: That’s for someone to find out 😉

Seth: Briefs, mostly.

Q.  Are you a kid person or a pet person?

Andrew: Pet person. For now.

Anna: Pet

David: Would love to have kids someday, and love dogs, if you are a cat person we most likely can’t be friends LOL

Jenna: Ew kids. I’m not ready for that. I’m a pet person. I own a cat but have recently gained a new love and appreciation for dogs. You can’t beat that adorable loyalty they give their owners.

Rasha: Kid because I’m a kid at heart.

Seth: Pet person for sure. I love all animals.


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