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Tharanga Ramanayake, One of Toronto’s Most Creative Talents

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Tharanga Ramanayake is a multidisciplinary Film + TV Creative talent living in the Toronto’s CityPlace neighbourhood. His skills have amassed a Gemini Award, over a dozen Promax Awards and, believe it or not, even a Guinness World Record (World’s Shortest TV Commercial – MuchMusic). Notable projects include FashionTelevision, Canada’s Worst Driver, commercials for McDonalds, Walmart, Virgin Mobile, Oscar de la Renta & Theatrical Trailers/TV spots for blockbusters such as The Lord Of The Rings, The King’s Speech, Drive, The Fighter, Inglourious Basterds, Looper and much more.


Like many high demand talented professionals, Tharanga calls CityPlace home.


The Red Canoe in CityPlace’s Canoe Landing Park.

“I have watched it all grow from an empty plot of land with only a golf course into a thriving neighbourhood with people from all walks of life. I have always loved living here. It’s also nice to be seen so prominently on a postcard with the Toronto Skyline”, says Ramanayake.


When asked what steered him to his creative path, Ramanayake said, “I loved the technical side of the video production field when I was young. During my teens, I was fascinated with Music Videos and loved MuchMusic. A high school internship led me to a job at ChumCity and from there quickly worked up the ranks. I was 19 when I landed my first full-time job, editor of Fashion Television. From there became a Producer at CP24 then CityTV/ Creative Services. Then, I went on my own, freelancing, and now I specialize in Trailers, Promos, Sizzle reels, essentially marketing material for Film and TV. You can check out my site”

Ramanayake’s creative eye also transferred to his photography that caught the attention of National Geographic.

IMG_5990 (1)

IMG_5886 (1)

This photo with the man rowing the boat was named Nat Geo’s Editors’ Favourite.

“I love to travel, and I always take my DSLR camera with me. I usually come back with about 2000 pics from every trip. Someone many years ago told me about a contest National Geographic holds: ‘PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE YEAR CONTEST.’ Finally, this year I entered it. To my surprise, the picture of a boat I took while in India was selected by the Nat Geo as an “Editors’ Favourite”. No announcement on winners yet”, says Ramanayake.




One of Ramanayake’s more unique and interesting projects involves the late/former Mayor of Toronto, Rob Ford.  “I never had any interest in politics and never cared to vote before Rob Ford. When I heard so much controversy over the mayor, I picked up a camera and started to follow him everywhere all the time. An international story was happening right in my back yard. I had been on a search for a documentary subject for a while, and he was a very interesting guy. I documented him for three years, right from the rumours of a crack video to his death from cancer earlier this year. The Rob Ford documentary is still in production, it’s a very complex story, I’m working very hard on it and hope to submit it to festivals soon”, says Ramanayake.

ET Canada did a preview of the movie, and you can check it out here.  Tharanga Ramanayake is currently directing the highly anticipated documentary on former Toronto Mayor Rob Ford. The project recently received a nomination for a prestigious Golden Trailer Award in Hollywood.

You can follow Tharanga on Instagram and Twitter.

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