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Brittany Marshall, a social worker turned RCMP officer trainee turned registered massage therapist, currently runs an alternative and holistic health practice in CityPlace. She also created an organic, vegan, custom-made sugar scrub and launched it in June 2014.


She talked to 416 about her experience as an entrepreneur at CityPlace.

Why did you start your skincare business?

I started Sugar Soft for two reasons. My fiancée had very poor skin health on his feet. He used medical creams, but they never seemed to help his issues. I also didn’t want to keep using harsh chemicals on my skin.

Why did you choose CityPlace?

I feel like I didn’t choose CityPlace, City Place chose me. The people here like the way I do things and they want to support local businesses so it’s like a family here. The Facebook group helps by connecting me with the community and allowing them to give me feedback on what they need and want. I’m really grateful.

How has CityPlace helped you?

The residents here took a chance on me and my product and it’s been well received. I find that the residents are really starting to take an interest in what’s around them and they would rather put their money in the hands of a local business and neighbour than in a big corporation.

What was your experience like in the CityPlace Urban Market?

It was great. The vendors banded together like a family and they really helped me feel comfortable and welcome. Being one of the few vendors selling a product other than food was a bit challenging, but it allowed me to be creative with advertising through social media and even through my chalkboard sign. On average, I sold at least ten units a day there.

What’s Sugar Soft all about?

The scrub cleanses, exfoliates and moisturizes all at once—minimizing your time in the shower. It also contains essential oils that give it the added benefit of aromatherapy. I’ve also developed a scalp treatment that I’m excited about.

What’s your advice for other new entrepreneurs?

If an entrepreneur came to me and asked how I got the word out, I’d tell them to effectively use social media to let people know who they are and what they offer.

Brittany can be found on the web at: | Facebook | Instagram

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