Top Tips for Condo Dwelling Dog Owners

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There is nothing better than coming home from a long days’ work to the excitement of a rapidly wagging tail of a four-legged family member. Dogs enrich our lives with their unconditional love and motivate us to get outside and explore hidden green spaces of our city. With the rise of supportive services and product, keeping your pet happy and healthy while at work is even easier today. Here are our top tips for setting up your home life for a happy pup!


Brisk Walk – We know how busy mornings can be and the urge may be only to let your pup out quickly to relieve him/herself; however a brisk walk around the block can help set both of your mornings off on the right foot. Make a cup of coffee, throw on a coat and jaunt around the block in your pj’s before the morning rush starts walking to work. Once back at home, review the space you are leaving your pup in. Many owners opt to set up a dedicated space when they are out to reduce their pup’s anxiety, protect the home from damages, and also protect the pup from getting into trouble with toys or garbage that can be intriguing when no one is there.


Dog Walker – If your job lacks the flexibility to be able to nip home on your lunch break to take your pup for a walk, a dog walker can be a great solution. Often dog walkers are taking pups on a much longer walk than their owners would be able to midday, so not only are they able to relieve themselves, but are also expelling some pent up energy making the rest of their afternoon about nap time. There are two categories of dog walkers – leash walkers and free-run walkers. The number of dogs managed by a leash walker is an important point to explore as not every pup is suited for walking in this style. For free-run walkers, the transportation method should be discussed as well as the details of what dog parks they frequent and how busy they typically are.

At SoulMutts we transport our dogs in a secured crash resistant shuttle to a private off-leash dog park allowing for a higher level of safety and control.

Transportation vehicles should also have excellent air control to maintain temperature on extremely hot days. Asking these questions will help you determine if the dog walkers method and style is the right one for you.

Doggy Daycare – Daycares offer the ultimate value as pups have up to 12 hours of off-leash and benefit from the extra care and socialization. When reviewing daycares in your neighbourhood look for a location that offers segmentation for large dogs and small dogs, what their heat and cold weather policies are, vaccination requirements, and how they handle aggressive behaviour. Also, ensure the daycares have sufficient outdoor space as many daycares only are equipped with indoor play limiting the freedom and experience for the pups. Don’t forget about travel as select locations, like Soulmutts, offer drop-off and pick-up services for regular daycare clients.


Playtime – You are home, and your best friend has been waiting all day to snuggle and spend time with you. After you drop your bags and get settled spend a concentrated 15 minutes playing with your four-legged buddy. It will go a long way for making them feel loved and appreciated. Where store bought toys can be great, they also need to be supervised as pups can easily tear apart and ingest tennis balls, stuffed toys, and ropes.

Evenings can also be a great time to connect with other dog owners in your area. Check out the downtown meet-up groups by breed or Facebook dog park groups and start socializing together. It is a starting place where new community friendships or even romances can start.


Pups on Vacation – Taking a vacation can be stressful if you are a dog owner and haven’t left your pup before. Getting a dog sitter is one option, but it requires a full download of schedules and training that might now be in their comfort zone. Traveling with your pup is sometimes an available solution with dog-friendly hotels, which can be fun for everyone. If travel requires a plane flight, the downside of pup travel usually far outweighs the fun. Doggy boarding or ranches can be a great solution for you also. Look for one that offers great communication with the owners via daily emails, texts or live stream cameras. Reputable companies will have insurance and an open track record of reliability. You will enjoy your vacation more knowing your pup is happy and in good hands.

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