Toronto’s Local Vegan Eats at Richmond & Spadina

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Vegan options are closer than most Toronto diners would think, but most of Toronto’s fantastic vegan restaurants are peppered throughout the city. Richmond and Spadina, however, is one area where vegans, and the v-curious, can gather and explore a range of vegan delights.

The 416 Magazine zeroed in on this well-known intersection to shed some light on its cluster of delicious vegan eateries.

Mamma’s Pizza located at 405 Richmond Street West , they offer delivery and you can order online.


Mamma’s may not be a vegan pizzeria, but it’s now offering a range of gourmet vegan pizzas!  Spicy Vegan, Vegan Olive Press, and Vegan Primavera all use Daiya cheese, which is dairy free!

Fresh on Spadina located at 147 Spadina Avenue and they offer outside patio service.  Fresh menu items can be ordered through the Foodora & Uber Eats app.


Fresh is a vegan favourite. They take pride in avoiding butter, eggs, honey and other “hidden animal by-products” in their cooking process.  However, they do offer dairy products as a side for the vegan resistant.

Kupfert & Kim located at 140 Spadina Avenue


In its own words, this vegan quick-service restaurant is, “Wheatless and Meatless”. Bring your own container and take advantage of their 35¢ discount!

Freshii located at 140 Spadina Avenue.


Freshii has set itself apart with their own wellness manifesto, and their vision is clear and to the point: “Eat. Energize.”   Their manifesto [as per their website] aims to steer their customers towards healthier habits by providing fresh, nutritious and convenient meal choices. It makes a nice change from many corporations more profit driven manifestos.

No matter what your vegan (or v-curious) cravings may be, Richmond and Spadina is sure to satisfy!


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