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A trick or treat in CityPlace

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October 31st marked the fourth annual CityPlace Halloween Spooktacular—a trick-or-treating event planned by the CityPlace Residents’ Association (CPRA), local businesses and condo boards, as well as sponsor Concord Adex.


The inaugural Spooktacular had been met with scepticism. Many didn’t believe there were enough families living in the downtown neighbourhood to support kid-friendly events; however, Spooktacular’s continued success proves that CityPlace has grown into a neighbourhood where families can thrive.


“Concord and the CPRA wanted to show that living in condos with kids can be fun and family orientated,” said Concord Adex Vice President of Development Gabriel Leung, “We’ll create even more exciting Halloween activities next year.”


“The community rose to the occasion, and we had one of our best Halloween Spooktacular events!” said CPRA President Gary Pieters, “It was great to see so many children and their families dressed in amazing costumes, exchanging greetings and trick-or-treating in a fun, safe community atmosphere.”

“Lobbies and reception areas had been decorated, and neighbours volunteered to distribute candy in their lobbies.” said Pieters, “This was CityPlace at its very best. Thanks to everyone for making this event the success that it was.”

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