Whole Life Balance w/drip therapy Brings Boutique Holistic Wellness To Toronto

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416 Mag visited a new wellness business, Whole Life Balance, which opened in Toronto on trendy King West and spoke to Sandra Chabot Weber, President, Canada, Whole Life Balance.

Sandra Chabot Weber in her words,

“As a Holistic Nutritionist, the best thing I can do for a client is to help them feel better faster. Whether it’s a chronic condition or something more short-lived, upgrading someone’s state of wellness creates a huge shift towards a healthier lifestyle.

This shift is everything in a city like Toronto.

More than ever, Torontonians see the value in making their health top priority. Between work, life, and play, everyone wants to keep up – and they want to keep up while looking and feeling their best.

Whole Life Balance w/ drip therapy is a one-stop-shop boutique health club coming from Santa Monica and founded by one of our own, Shane Griffin. Shane started out as a prominent nightclub owner in downtown Toronto. After a decade of living in the fast lane, he sought treatment for alcohol and substance abuse.

It was during recovery that Shane was introduced to the holistic lifestyle and turned this discovery into a way of life. He followed his treatment with a full-time education where he became a Certified Nutritional Practitioner. From there, Whole Life Balance was born and as the brand has grown – so has the demand for a location in Shane’s hometown.

Whole Life Balance Toronto will offer the same integrated services including yoga and fitness classes, healing treatments, and medical services such as Drip IV Therapy. When people first hear “Drip IV Therapy,” they’re extremely curious and want to know more.

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Intravenous (IV) Vitamin Drip Therapy is a fast and effective way to give your body what it needs – vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and key nutrients. The intravenous method provides a different delivery source to oral intake. Everything bypasses the digestive tract and goes straight into the bloodstream, allowing for truly therapeutic doses and better absorption.

Whole Life Balance offers a menu of drips to choose from, covering everything from fatigue to immunity, recovery, jet lag, and more. If feeling your best is what you desire, then there’s a drip for you.

Photo courtesy of Aperture Addict

The other holistic services offered to create a complete wellness experience. These include Aerial Yoga, Yoga, Fascial Stretch Therapy, Massage, and Nutrition. Staying true to the boutique style, classes are kept small and intimate for more personalized results. Moreover, as WLB Toronto’s co-owner and Holistic Nutritionist, I can help you build a healthy lifestyle by enhancing your body’s ability to maximize its health.

So whether you want to fly with us, drip with us, or recharge with us – we’re going to help you feel better faster”.

Dean Maher

Dean Maher is the Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of The 416 Magazine.