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416 Mag spoke with owners Jay and Stacey Ziebarth of Hamilton’s Zee Float.   To take a dip in their premiere float therapy sessions, it’s less than an hour’s drive from downtown Toronto.  If you are looking for a great day get-away, then Hamilton is calling you to visit Zee Float.

416:   What is Zee Float?
JAY:  Zee Float is a silent oasis where people can come to unplug from all the noise, distraction and stress of life via our salt water float chambers.

416:   What can someone expect when they step into the float chamber? 
JAY:  The first thing you need to know is you don’t need to bring anything. Everything you need is provided for you; your only requirement is to be ready to relax. Once arriving you’ll enter your own private float room, complete with shower and all the accessories you’ll need for your journey such as silicone swimmers earplugs. You’ll have a quick shower and enter your own float chamber filled with 11 inches of water and over 1,000 pounds of epsom salt.

You’ll lie down and instantly float like a cork on the ocean. The water is heated to 34.2 C or skin receptor neutral, the average skin temperature. The point of the specific temperature is that the water, air and you are all one, so you will lose the sensation of where the water and air meet, giving you the feeling of floating in space. The float chamber has no light or sound, which will allow your brain to drop into theta waves, the deep meditative state you experience right before you fall asleep. That ultra comfy zone where you dream and have some of your best ideas. You’ll float like this for 60 minutes as your stress and pain melt away. Afterwards, you’ll feel like you just went on a mini-vacation, totally zen. You’ll also have an amazing sleep that night having just floated in 1,000 pounds of magnesium.

You’ll lie down and instantly float like a cork on the ocean.

416:   What happens if you fall asleep?
JAY:   If you do fall asleep, you can expect to have one of the best sleeps of your life. Without any noise to stimulate your brain, you can really drift into a deep, restorative slumber. As for safety concerns of sleeping in salt water, there are none. With such a high density of salt (35% salt, even higher than the Dead Sea) the water holds you firmly in place, almost like a womb, making it extremely hard to roll over. If you did manage to turn your head somehow, the salt would sting your eyes waking you immediately. A lot of people fall asleep in the tank, myself included, and it’s always been amazingly peaceful.

416:   Are a lot of your clientele urban professionals who need to unwind?
JAY:  We have a pretty diverse demographic who visit us, from people who use it for pain management to elite athletes looking for an edge. Urban professionals are definitely on the list. The tank has been shown to reduce all your stress hormones to zero. So it’s the perfect remedy for a stressful day at the office. It’s also an amazing tool for developing ideas. The lack of sensory input allows the right side of your brain to come to the forefront, letting you explore some truly creative thoughts.

416:   Do you find many people from Toronto head to your Hamilton location for a full spa day? 
JAY:   Yes, we have people drive from all over. We have three float rooms so that we can accommodate groups. We also have RMTs and an Osteopath on site so that people can bundle their float with a massage or an Osteo treatment. A massage and float is an incredible combination and one of the best ways to start your first float session. We also hold meditation classes most days of the week so you can learn tools to help you go deeper in your float sessions.

After the float, we have a chill lounge where you can try our complimentary aromatherapy oxygen bar or a glass of live Kombucha tea on tap as you stretch out in a lounger in front of our bubble wall.

The whole experience is designed to melt away your stress and reset your body and mind. We feel that floating can do for your brain, what a gym does for your body and thus we offer memberships and packages so people can incorporate it into their daily lives as opposed to considering it a one off treat. There is a lot of research showing how powerful floating can be for your overall wellness.

Nothing excites us more than watching people change their lives through the simple act of spending time with themselves.

Dean Maher

Dean Maher is the Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of The 416 Magazine.